About Us

Located 6272 feet above sea level in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Micro Metals Inc. has been a leader in sheet metal fabrication and manufacturing since 1972. Its Rocky Mountain location offers proximity/transportation efficiencies to businesses in the Midwest, West and South.

Micro Metals invests in its facilities and equipment. With its 141,000 square foot facility, secured 208,000 square foot outside storage area and state-of-the-art machinery and tools, Micro Metals is a full-service, single source manufacturer. Micro Metals’ investment in machinery and facilities equates to time and money savings for customers.

Micro Metals is a family owned and operated business and is committed to manufacturing products in the USA. Micro Metals supports our customers and their needs, while continually improving in the areas of workplace safety, accreditation and process certification. We value our team and are proud of our top-notch, experienced employees who care about producing high quality products for our customers.

Benefits of Doing Business with Micro Metals

  1. Micro Metals invests in its business. Micro Metals invests in state-of-the-art machines and equipment which results in high speed, consistent production and cost savings to customers.
  2. Micro Metals is a single source manufacturer. We do it all. From laser to welding to assembly, Micro Metals has the skilled workforce and equipment to complete your manufacturing job with excellence.
  3. Micro Metals is responsive. We strive to provide customers quality products in a timely manner. Our employees are dedicated to our customers.
  4. Micro Metals products are Made in the USA. Micro Metals has proudly manufactured products in the USA since 1972.
  5. Micro Metals is centrally located. Our Colorado Springs location allows us to ship efficiently and quickly to the mid-west, west and south.
  6. Micro Metals has an experienced workforce. Employees are knowledgeable about machines and processes, and are committed to continually improving our systems to satisfy customers. Employee tenure exceeds industry standards.
  7. Micro Metals has an experienced and knowledgeable engineering department that helps generate accurate quotes for jobs, as well as assists in planning and engineering high quality products.
  8. Micro Metals invest in certifications based on customers’ needs. Micro Metals has earned many industry-specific certifications, which enables Micro Metals to provide precision parts for demanding jobs.

Our Team

If you look at the DNA of Micro Metals, Inc., you will find a group of committed and collaborative workers who work toward making high quality products, on time. Our experience workforce is trained to use state-of-the-art machinery to create consistent quality products. The tenure of Micro Metals employees exceeds industry averages. We hire good people. Whether it’s our engineering department, staffed with several military veterans, or our machinists, who average 15 years on the shop floor, our employees care about making great parts.

Another distinctive aspect of our team is that Micro Metals is a family owned company. The Driscoll family strives to grow Micro Metals into one of the manufacturing leaders not only in Colorado, but across America. Micro Metals embodies family values—we’re hard working, dedicated and willing to go the extra mile.

Quality Assurance

Micro Metals is strongly committed to providing products that meet or exceed customer expectations. To accomplish this, quality has been incorporated into all aspects of our business assuring the highest value and satisfaction for our customers and employees. Micro Metals is ISO certified, strives toward Six Sigma and is committed to using state-of-the-art inspection equipment to provide the highest quality for our customers.

The concept of continuous improvement is important to Micro Metals and is embraced by the company management and employees as well as our external suppliers. Improving our products and processes is our goal; we’re always looking for ways to better serve our customers.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Kenny Driscoll, Founder of Micro Metals Inc., worked hard to develop Micro Metals into an industry leader in the precision sheet metal fabrication and manufacturing industry. In 1986, Kenny had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica to help erect a building. He loved the experience and was determined to figure out how Micro Metals could help building efforts in underdeveloped countries.

Recognizing that even the smallest things can make a difference, Micro Metals began producing parts for human services buildings. Many of our employees have crafted parts that are being used on four continents around the globe. Micro Metals parts contribute to orphanages in Venezuela, rehabilitation centers in Eastern Europe, a food distribution center in Haiti, a medical center in Africa and many other laudable building projects.

Micro Metals is honored to be part of these worthwhile projects and looks forward to contributing to future important building projects around the world.