Micro Metals is a highly automated manufacturer of custom metal products & trusted, single source, supplier of precision parts to companies for more than 50 years.

We do it all—cutting precision components on our state-of-the-art laser and waterjet machines, braking, rollforming, blanking, punching, assembly, and painting your custom parts. Micro Metals is proud to have earned certifications including ISO, CARC, JIT and others. We serve companies in industries including Telecommunications, U.S. Military, Energy, Climate Control, Construction, Secure Storage and others. We invest in our business to offer you high quality parts at competitive prices and would welcome the opportunity to manage your next project.

Press Brakes

Micro Metals offers a state-of-the-art, high capacity robotic press brake that makes jobs more efficient and cost effective…

Laser Cutting

Armed with 3 automated, state-of-the-art laser cutting systems, Micro Metals produces precise and clean parts…


Micro Metals recognizes that welding is an important aspect of manufacturing…

Powder & Liquid Coating

Micro Metals offers an in-house paint division, which means that manufactured parts don’t have to be shipped elsewhere…

Coil Punching & Rollforming

Micro Metals automated coil punching and rollformers are cutting-edge technologies used in manufacturing…

CNC Machining

The automation of machine tools, including CNC Machining, is a valuable and integral aspect of manufacturing…

A One-Stop-Partner With Comprehensive Capabilities

The critical differentiator between Micro Metals and other fabrication companies is our ability to quote, design, manufacture, assemble, and ship your parts all under one roof; one-stop. To stay competitive, you need a reliable partner capable of handling simple and highly complex products at consistent and affordable prices.

For over 50 years, we’ve been a single-source manufacturer of precision parts for local, national, and international clients. Speed, trust, and cost-efficient manufacturing are what we’re known for, and we look forward to proving that to you.

Capacity To Scale With Consistent Quality & Supply Chain Control

Demand consistently changes, but quality shouldn’t. Micro Metals highly automated processes ensure that we can scale up as you do. In addition, our customers can quickly respond to changes in the market at any moment’s notice by leveraging our in-house capabilities. This includes in-house engineering, welding, roll-forming, breaking, punching, you name it.



50 Years of Experience and A Culture You Can Trust

With five decades of experience and a culture of continuous improvement, our team has built reliable and repeatable processes to ensure your parts achieve the highest industry standard possible. A team of experienced engineers will walk through each requirement then develop a customized plan to meet your company’s needs.

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ISO Certified

Operating at The Highest Level of Efficiency and Effectiveness.

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