Bob Bornemann speaking at our latest quarterly meeting. 

Making the Most of Your Business Meetings

Even though Micro Metals, Inc has been around longer than most manufacturers and has weathered many storms, it doesn’t mean we are done learning.

One of the changes we made in our business is how we handle company-wide meetings. A recent Harvard Business Review article on meetings states that “Gathering everyone together is meant to convey the importance of the topic and get the biggest bang for your communication buck. Yet, employees often rank these meetings as some of the least effective. Don't give up on bringing everyone together. Instead, give your all staff meeting a makeover.”

At Micro Metals, Inc, we dissolved the monthly company-wide meeting and replaced it with more frequent department meetings, where employees have an opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns on the projects they work on every day. At Micro Metals, some of our best ideas come from our employees, and by changing our format for company meetings, we have provided a way for them to participate and share.

In addition to the more frequent department meetings, Micro Metals now has a quarterly all staff meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to gather all employees for a time of celebration and education over a couple slices of pizza (company provided, of course!). This last quarterly meeting, our head of Quality and Safety, Bob Bornemann, updated the company on some of our procedures for our ongoing accreditation efforts. Our quarterly meeting will be used to celebrate all we have accomplished this year.

Whether you have been around your business for decades or are a start up company, look to see if how you handle your meetings is the best way for your company and your staff.

How can you makeover your meetings?

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